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Win for AAP? That’s a joke

When High Court said LG holds the authority, AAP went to Supreme Court challenging the High court verdict. The Supreme Court ruling is not in favor of AAP government nor in favor of LG. It is in fact repeating what Constitution says.

The AAP considers this as their victory and a victory of democracy. It is indeed victory for Democracy and Constitution. But nothing will change on the ground as the Apex court did not change any powers. The Court asked LG and AAP government to work together.

The Supreme court made it very clear that Delhi will not have statehood. AAP chief Arvind Kejriwal has been planning a campaign in Delhi for statehood. He should not plan to disturb the lives of Delhi residents with a useless campaign. This is a major setback for Kejriwal who must have been putting statehood on agenda for next elections.

The Supreme court said, the Lt Governor has “no independent decision-making power”. But it doesn’t mean state government can do whatever they want. They still need LG’s approval. On the same note, Supreme court also said there is no room for absolutism and no room for anarchism also. They both are warned and asked to work together.

The gist of the SC order was that the LG and the Delhi government to work in coordination. If not, the Delhi people continue to suffer.



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