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What is Dravidian ideology?

When the whole country refuses to believe in Aryan Invasion Theory, why is Tamilnadu politicians playing with Dravidian ideology?

What is Dravidian ideology???  Who knows? Who can explain?

No one in Telugu states, Karnataka and Kerala speak or utter the word Dravidian. Then why is Tamilnadu politics based on Dravidian ideology? Who coined this term and how did they make people believe it?

Why is Tamilnadu different from other Southern states? Dravidian ideology seems to be arising from hatred towards caste system, which is good. But it expanded to go against Hinduism. Tamil politicians speak greatly against Brahmins, gods and temples while the state is a temple state and Chennai city is a temple city. Is it too much for them? But when you see Tamilians, they follow tradition and one can say they are the most traditional people in the country.

The state is suffering with two regional parties who raise regionalism and talk against Hindi. Is it necessary? In recent elections of Karnataka, being a national party, Siddaramaiah raised the same regionalism card. Every state has it own identity and pride in their language and their traditions. No one is less or more. Politicians need to stop this theory, talking about entire South and hopefully in Tamilnadu too.

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