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Smart woman Renu Desai

Renu Desai is indeed a smart woman who never stopped her PR charade. Though she has given up her career as long as she was married to Pawan Kalyan, she started being active on social media after the divorce. Initially she started posting kids pictures and then praising Pawan Kalyan. She knows that she can reap benefits using his name. Whatever career she had in Telugu films is only associated with Pawan Kalyan.

Renu Desai moved to Pune and as it is widely clear that she got whatever she wanted. People know that Pawan Kalyan would never be unfair to his ex. She tried her stint at directing and producing movies. Though not a successful career, she remained active on social media and tried to become more popular. She got a chance to host a TV show, as a judge for a dance based reality show. It is clear that she wants to work and her only popularity to get opportunities is associated with being ex of Pawan Kalyan. Every one of her tweet will be read of his fans and sometimes it gets ugly. Good to bad, publicity is needed to get opportunities.

Renu Desai is engaged to be married and she hasn’t revealed the person whom she is marrying. This is also a PR stunt. IF she stayed off the radar and live her life without using him, no one would have bothered her. Good luck with her new phase of life and it is no harm using Pawan Kalyan as long as it stays in limits. Pawan Kalyan is looking for a career in politics and he needs to be clear off these petty stuff.

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