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Early polls should be avoided

The latest speculation of early polls are in the news for center and some states which are due for polling in this year. Vajpayee went for early polls with “India Shining” slogan and BJP was very confident of winning ended up in disappointment. As many states of Hindi belt are ready for elections this year, analysts are predicting that Modi might go for early polls.

Why is this early polls decision left with the running government? This should be avoided as elections is too much expense coming from tax payer’s accounts. The Prime Minister Narendra Modi is advocating “One Nation One Election” and this should be implemented by making amendments to the constitution. For this to come true, few states will continue the current government longer and few might end early. Yogi Adithyanath was ready to sacrifice to go for early polls because he would have completed only half of his tenure.

Once implemented, the states should not be encouraged to go for early polls. Telangana Chief Minister, KCR is hinting at early polls as it benefits his winning chances. But state doesn’t benefit out of it. Decisions should be made to benefit people and not parties to win. The Constitution should also be amended that no elections for 5 years. If ruling party dismisses, a chance to be given to the next major party to form the government. If issues arise, it should be Governor’s rule until election time. Otherwise “one election” theory will not work. Hope right decisions will be made for the benefit of the country.

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