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Kumaraswamy rules with uncertainty

The Chief Minister of Karnataka, Kumaraswamy has been the happiest on one side and suffering with uncertainty on the other. He recently said, “this government will function with stability. I know, no one can touch me for a year. I will be there at least for one year, until the Lok Sabha elections are over.”.¬† Everyone in the country knows about it and coming out of horse’s mouth makes it even more clear.

There is no option for Congress, but to continue with H D Kumaraswamy till Lok Sabha elections. Based on the elections results and the opposition unity, Congress party will make a call on continuing¬†Kumaraswamy. The Mahagathbandhan poster picture looked very good at the time of swearing-in ceremony of the Karnataka CM, but only to the eyes of the opposition parties who are frustrated with Modi’s popularity. People of India love to have a strong one in the Prime Minister chair with clear majority.

Kumaraswamy has become King instead of king maker is itself a big achievement for him and he can’t expect anything more. It is crucial for him to get the state in order and resolve the issues state is suffering with. If he can make some radical improvements, his party can earn some good will. But if they consider a chance to loot the state, only God can save Karnataka.

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