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Biopic trend is getting crazier

The film industry has been crazy with the ongoing biopic trend making film after film on popular Indians. It is not limited to Bollywood alone now. It is catching up with other films industries too.

The biopics are usually made on heroes/popular Indians who are retired or after their demise. Making biopics on youngsters who are at peak of their careers is nothing but crazy. Would you make a film on Abdul Kalam as a scientist before he became President? It made sense with Milka Singh, Mary Kom and Neerja as many Indians are unaware of those conditions. Films on Thackeray and Manmohan Singh, Rakesh Sharma are in the making. Film was made on MS Dhoni already and films in the making are on Sanjay Dutt, Saina Nehwal which is definitely crazy.

It would be wise to time the biopics and make only one or two per year. Otherwise, when a couple of biopics fail consecutively, then everyone will stop making them. People would want to see them, but it should not be inundated with them.

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