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Devuni Gadapa – Devuni Kadapa

Kadapa is a district in Rayalaseema region of south central part of Andhra Pradesh state. This district is abode of many temples and tourist attractions. Being born and brought up in this area, I want to write briefly about the famous temples and places around this historic town.

The first and foremost place is Devuni Kadapa. The original name is Devuni Gadapa means Gods Gateway. This temple has Lord Lakshmi venkateshwara swamy as main Idol. Kadapa is derived from this word – Gadapa. Devuni Kadapa also is called Patha Kadapa (Old Kadapa). It’s called Tirumala Tholi (First)  Gadapa (gate way or entrance). It’s said that any trip to Lord Venkateshwara in Tirumala is not complete with out a first visit to Devuni Kadapa. Growing up, I still remember that at most importance was given to visiting this temple before any visit to Lord Venkateshwara in Tirumala. This temple also houses Goddess Padmavathi devi, impressive dancing Lord Ganapathi and Anajaneya swamy (Hanuman).

History wise this temple was built in 13th Century and its architecture is Vijayanagara style.This temple has Tonsure facilities – a hindu custom to shave head as part of some ceremonies. It also has Temple Koneru – Water pond. where piligrims can take bath. Temple has Kasi Balli. It’s a belief that touching this will remove all doshams (ill effects ) of a balli falling on the human body. It’s said that Tallapaka Annamacharya, all Sankaracharyas and Maha kavi Kshetrayya visited this temple.

Vaikunta Ekadashi is one of the main festivals celebrated here. Also all other main festivals are celebrated too. It’s a feast to pilgrim’s eyes during saturdays. Temple and surroundings will be very busy with lot of pilgrims and tourists on this day.

This temple is under taken by TTD management.

Kadapa is accessible by Road, Rail and air. Devuni Kadapa is approx. 3km away from Bus station, 5km away from railway station and 10km away from airport.


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