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Decent exit for Kejriwal

What Kejriwal needs is a decent exit from his so called Dharna. Kejrial is always associated with Dharnas whether he is an activist or the chief minister.An IAS officer has reported that he has been assaulted in front of chief minister. Delhi government wants the executive to file a case and prove the charges in the court. What is expected from the IAS officers in this situation? Should they file the case and run the “business as usual”?

Try assaulting a municipal cleaner and see what happens in India? They would immediately go on a strike and do not clean a single road in that jurisdiction. No one can ask them to prove the charges by going to court. Till now, Kejriwal did not speak a word for IAS officers and he expects everyone to follow his directions.

What IAS officers are doing is right. They are doing their jobs and refusing to meet the cabinet as no cabinet minister talked supporting them. Kejriwal is in a dead lock with making Delhi a mess. People do not appreciate constant complaints and accusing the Prime Minister. At one time, he even said PM is trying to get him killed. The PMO maintained dignity while Kejriwal has been doing the drama every time.

Kejriwal has come to a point where he needs to stop this drama and have a decent exit. He needs to give personal assurance to the officers for their security and ask them to come for meetings. Either LG or PM will interfere or step into the grave which Kejriwal dug for himself.

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